Ageless Keanu Reeves Turned '51' Today - Is This Proof He's Immortal?


Say what you want about a few of his more dubious film roles, when it comes to growing old gracefully (or rather, not growing old at all), Keanu Reeves is hitting it right out of the park.

Like a fleshy statue of a man, his face has been stuck in the same ridgedly Hollywood-handsome and ageless manner since roughly 748 AD.

Long has the internet speculated that the man is some kind of immortal, identity-switching and age-defying vampire but as the actor turns 51 today looking the same as he did 20 years ago, you can’t help but believe the rumours.

Check out his age-less timeline, all 1267 years of it.

Under the pseudonym Charlemagne (748 - 814)

During the years he pretended to be the actor Paul Mounet (1847-1922)

When he briefly flirted with the clean shaven look in 1994

When he invented beanies in 1997

When he still looked exactly the same in 2000

When he reached 'Peak Vampire' in 2005

In 2015 when nothing about his face had changed whatsoever 


See the full facts about Keanu Reeves' immortality here.

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