adidas’s new Busenitz Pro is designed to look even better as you mess them up

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Sam Diss

White trainers are lovely – this we all know – but the major drawback is that they rarely look lovely for long, a bit of regular wear and tear here, a little bit of a scuffing there, and before you know it, you’re staring down at the mess on your feet. But luckily, the lads at adidas Skateboarding have released a brand new variant of their beloved Busenitz football-inspired silhouette with a new colourway that you won’t ever have to worry about grubbing up.

The limited edition Busenitz “Pro 3rd and Army” – named for the iconic San Fran skate spot – has a dual-layer upper: the first an ivory leather with the second a lick of silver, supposed to mimic the scratched metal pipes of its titular park. The result still looks a little bit like you’ve ruined your trainers but only to the untrained eye: beckon a viewer closer and they’ll go “Oh, yeah. Fair enough” and you can sit back all smug, sated by your sartorial oneupmanship.

Topped off with a semi-translucent gum sole and an embossed, Samba-style tongue, and you’ve got yourself a perfect summer shoe.

Available at select adidas retailers now


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