Will.I.Am launches glasses range

Musician. Entrepreneur. Technologist. Custom car manufacturer. Seemingly not content with owning the most multifaceted CV of the modern era, has a new string to his strained-to-breaking bow - and it's one we're surprised he hasn't added sooner. ill.i Optics is the new endorsed eyewear range, and it's a damn pretty line up.

Designed in LA in partnership with George Gorrow, handmade in Italy, the bold range of sunglasses draws on variety of classic and vintage shapes, tweaked by the frantic-yet-genius mind of will. The metal construction and oversized frames supposedly draw on the "1980s hip hop pioneers" and "graffiti characters" who influenced the artists early career - so top points if you can name the tributes.

Being the media-focused individual that he is, you won't be surprised to learn the has released a trailer to accompany the launch, along with a suitably flared website,

And no, we don't know why he picked the name - other than it looks nice when written in a certain typography. Maybe he's been feeling a bit under the weather of late? Check out the launch trailer after our pick of the glasses below.