Watch and Drive


While there's nothing essentially wrong with clock-watching, it's probably not advised to carry out said activity when behind the wheel.

Thankfully, British brand Tender Co. have created the perfect timepiece so you can clock-watch even when you're driving, as it has been rotated 45 degrees making it easier to read.

The face only shows the numerals 3, 6 and 9 (a layout commonly associated with Rolex's classic Explorer chronograph) and although the dial is rotated to be worn on the left wrist, it can be adjusted to be worn on the right side.

The strap is made from English oak bark tanned leather in a NATO style one-piece strap (so called because of its use on NATO uniforms) with a solid English cast brass buckle. The movement of the clock is also visible through an exhibition case back.

You can purchase one here for the price of £727 ($1,143).