The Smartwatch In Disguise


A constant problem we're seeing is that while Smartwatches may be smart in performance, they're somewhat less smart in appearance. In a word, a lot of them look terrible.

However, this new effort from Névo hits the spot, as it's a smartwatch hiding in a normal watch's clothes. A casual glance would see a stylishly designed, clean, minimal watch, yet lurking under that calm exterior are a host of useful features, including an activity tracker, a smartphone text and call notification capability (via bluetooth and a silent vibration) and all the standard alarm and watch features you'd expect.

It uses some neat LED indicators to help you track your activity progress - as the gif and video below demonstrates - which, if anything, adds to its coolness.

Best of all - it works from dual watch batteries, so no constant charging every night.

It comes in three styles: Paris, New York and Shanghai, along with customisable straps - you can buy yours via Névo's indiegogo page, with prices starting at $199 (£127).