The Remix Taipei & G-Shock Anniversary Watch


G-Shock are a divisive bunch. What with their rugged, chunky cases, some of its watches are the pinnacle of masculine accessories, a timepiece that's going to survive more than you probably will. Others don't look too far off something you got in a Happy Meal. 

For the 10th anniversary of the hardy DW6900, the Casio brand has teamed up with Taiwanese clothing brand Remix Taipei to create one of the most stylish, understated looks we've seen from the brand.

Coated in a toughened (naturally) matte black finish, the anniversary watch has the subtle Remix Taipei twist logo superimposed over the screen, becoming visible once the backlight is switched on. 

In addition to logo features making an appearance through the design, the watch ships in a special edition wooden compartment - though even if it's dropped in transit, we're pretty sure the watch would still work.

Set to arrive at G-Shock retailers in the next few months, you won't find many better ways to keep time this year. 

[Via: Hypebeast]


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