The Ptolemy Earth-Centred Solar System Watch


Science and religion fought an extremely long war before the latter was finally forced to accept that the former had proved that the Earth rotates around the Sun, rather than the other way round.

But if you laugh in the face of such flimsy evidence, then this brilliant watch is for you. Inspired by the earth-centric model of the Solar System proposed by the Greco-Egyptian astronomer Ptolemy, it features the Moon (hour hand) and Sun (minute hand) rotating around the Earth, which sits proudly in the middle of the watch face, feeling very smug and self-important.

You can buy one from the Unemployed Philosopher's Guild website for just $37.95 (£22.29) - although they're currently out of stock at the time of writing: click here to sign up to be notified of new arrivals.

We don't think Nicolaus Copernicus will be investing in one of these (unless he plans to wear it ironically).

(Images: Unemployed Philosopher's Guild/WikiCommons)