The Henry Ford Pocket Watch


You can have it any colour you want, so long as it's black - an apocryphal statement that is as true of Henry Ford's legendary Model T as it is of Shinola's tribute pocket watch. But when black goes with everything, why would you want it any other way?

Part of the Great American series, which sees the Detriot-based watchmaker celebrate the most influential of American innovators, the Henry Ford pocket watch is a superb union of modern engineering in a classic-if-cumbersome accessory.

Featuring a 49mm dial in the aforementioned black, cream markers and an orange second-indicator offset at the 3 o'clock position lend it a bold but simple design. We'd like to think we wouldn't tire from producing the gleaning stainless steel case from our pocket in a flourish - with its plaque engraved with Ford’s signature and a similarly eye-catching chain. Accompanied by a wooden stand, leather pouch and custom gift box, only 1,000 are set to be made, with a unique number printed on the case of each model.

A refreshingly different timepiece in an age of smart-but-ugly watches, here's hoping it doesn't go the same way as an American-made car and stop after five years of use. Head over to the Shinola site to register your interest in getting one.

(Images: Shinola)

[Via: Acquire Mag]


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