The H3 Liquid-filled Wristwatch

Hail hydra.
Wait - don’t go dobbing us in to Nick Fury just yet. We meant hydro, or, putting it more specifically, the hydro mechanical horologists HYT.
This mob are experts at injecting liquid into timepieces, and if the eye-catching H3 is anything to go by, the Marvel Universe might learn a few things from them...
On closer inspection, the rotating dial has four faces, including a 24hr clock and linear display - but that’s not even half of what’s going on underneath the squashed PVD-coated titanium and platinum case.
Two bellows on either side of the watch pump a phosphorescent liquid through a tube. This, essentially, is your hour hand, disappearing and re-filling in a reversing cycle every six hours, with a line of six cubes to be read alongside it. Time is set by wearers using a push-button, found on the left of the piece. With every press, the central time display bar rotates a quarter of a turn. This clever system enables the desired time period to be quickly set by jumping in periods of six hours,
Limited to just 25, no doubt ludicrously expensive and due out in September, expect most potential buyers to have plenty of liquid assets of their own.