The Formula 1 watch


When it comes to the slightly important concept of time, you need a watch that is reliable, efficient and devoid of Looney Tunes characters.

Trust Casio to come up trumps, once again. They've created a new timepiece that's been built with the same ideas in mind as a Formula 1 car. The limited edition model, co-designed with Red Bull Racing, aims to evoke a sense of velocity and energy and does this by emulating the design of a race car.

The watchface and bezel are made from carbon fibre and highlight the strong, yet lightweight, material that's used to build the body of an F1 car. There are also five motors to independently operate the hour, minute and second hands.

Because of its general awesomeness, it's a limited edition piece and there are only 100 available. They are sold exclusively at Casio Online and will set you back a healthy £550.


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