The Bizarre Belt Organiser


The cab is minutes away. You've only just got out of the shower and you have no idea where your deodorant is. You're going to wear your black brogues, paired with that fancy black belt that's got you all of three compliments. Except, you can't find it amongst the viper's nest of belts that populates the floor of your wardrobe. If only there was a better way to store your belts...

No, we can't say we've found ourselves in this situation either - mainly as we only own a handful of belts between us. But for those of you who are occasionally lost in a tangle of leather and buckles, never fear - a practical solution is looking to secure its future on Kickstarter.

The appropriately titled Belt Organizer is an achingly-simple storage solution - five cylindrical pivoting draws sit within a 30cm tower, displaying your belts for easy access. Simple as that. If you've got more than five belts (you need to rethink your wardrobe) then a second storer can be stacked atop the first.

Snide mocking aside, we're sure this will be incredibly useful for some of you out there. It could also further its uses as a handy way of keeping on top of your ties and cuff links.

Currently available for around £18 with Kickstarter perks, you can declare your interest here.


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