The 15 Coolest Gym Bags For Under £100


A bad back. A fear of sweat. A traumatic injury sustained as a child involving a foam roller and a kettle bell. Whatever your preferred excuse for avoiding the gym this year, it needn't be for wont of a better gym bag.

From barrel bags to hardy holdalls, the following gallery of kit carriers has been selected to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. They're all big enough to fit your trainers, t-shirt and shorts, with room to spare for that horrendous pea smoothie you've been told will definitely shift your gut. 

While we can't promise you a better body, we can promise you a better gym bag. 

  • The 15 Coolest Gym Bags For Under £100

    Herschel Novel Duffle Bag

    When Herschel isn't equipping hipster explorers with enviably cool backpacks, they turn their capable hands to creating understated, brilliant luggage. Take this duffle bag: reinforced with their coated cotton-poly fabric and waterproof zipper, there's even an external shoe compartment. And did we already mention it looks cool? Oh, we did. 

    Length: 53.5cm
    Height: 28cm
    Width: 23cm


  • The 15 Coolest Gym Bags For Under £100 1

    Base Camp duffel bag by North Face

    Head to any international airport and this will be the bag you see being lugged about by gap year kids. Totally capable of transporting your vest and towel to the gym: shoulder straps, hand straps and backpack straps, hardy laminate fabric, a locking d-zip that won't die after a month of use and 70 litres of storage space. You're going to need a bigger locker.  

    Length: 61cm
    Height: 38cm
    Width: 38cm


  • The 15 Coolest Gym Bags For Under £100 2

    Reclaimed Vintage Beano Barrel Bag

    Should the uniform tones of the average gym bag leave you feeling uninspired, Reclaimed Vintage are on hand to provide a little more excitement. Collaborating with Beano, they've worked a strip from the classic comic into their barrel bag. It's got nothing to do with workouts or fitness, but it looks fantastic.

    Length: 53cm
    Height: 40cm
    Width: 27cm


  • The 15 Coolest Gym Bags For Under £100 3

    Mi-pac Classic Duffle Bag

    Hailing from the leafy surrounds of Gloucestershire, Mi-Pac has been working hard to carve out a space for itself in the crowded baggage area of retail. While the two-tone print and cavernous single compartment of their duffle are worthy of your gym kit, it's the price that'll win you over.

    Length: 50cm
    Height: 25cm
    Width: 29cm


  • The 15 Coolest Gym Bags For Under £100 4

    Fred Perry classic barrel bag

    Having transported the bananas and water bottles of tennis stars for, oh, heaps of tours, the barrel bag of Fred Perry is something of a classic. They even put it in the name. Constructed from PVC (the leather version is a tad more expensive), there's a separate end zip-up compartment, larger main space and external slip pocket. 

    Length: 46cm
    Height: 26cm
    Width: 26cm


  • The 15 Coolest Gym Bags For Under £100 5

    Waxed cotton barrel bag by Asos

    If the rugged polyesters of gym bags causes you to break out in a style rash (we're almost certain this isn't a thing), this waxed number from Asos is the perfect antidote. The waxed cotton shell is fully lined, which means it'll stand up to the rough treatment of being thrown in a locker. Outer pouch pockets sit at either end of the bag, while a secure inner zip pocket is a better place to leave your valuables.

    Length: 48cm
    Height: 22.5cm
    Width: 22.5cm


  • The 15 Coolest Gym Bags For Under £100 6

    Nike Ultimatum Max Air training bag

    Yes, there's an abundance of masculinity squeezed into the name of this training bag - but stick with it. Nike know a thing or two about transporting gym kit (they make a lot of it): there's a padded strap that uses the same tech Nike puts in the soles of its trainers, a ventilated sections for wet and dry kit, a separate compartment for shoes and it's water proof. We have no idea what its ultimatum is either.

    Length: 61cm
    Height: 33cm
    Width: 30cm


  • The 15 Coolest Gym Bags For Under £100 7

    RJR. John Rocha leather holdall

    Can't get a leather holdall for under £100? We beg to differ. Or rather, RJR. John Rocha does. Made from genuine cow hide, there's a single outer pocket and several internal compartments. Unfortunately, there's no way that fresh leather smell is going to linger on once you've put your used trainers in this.

    Length: 50cm
    Height: 27cm
    Width: 29cm


  • The 15 Coolest Gym Bags For Under £100 8

    Station Chuppachop by Eastpak

    No, not the sweet - Chuppachop is the name of Eastpak's mid-sized, no nonsense holdall. Taped seems lend the bag some sturdy durability, while inner zipped compartments help you keep your protein snacks and keys separate from your sodden gym wear. It's also available in less shocking colours, if the red is a bit much for you.

    Length: 62cm
    Height: 30cm
    Width: 28cm


  • The 15 Coolest Gym Bags For Under £100 9

    Cotton canvas bag by American Vintage

    While American Vintage describes its cotton canvas bag as a "weekender", it's a great holdall for carting your things to and from the place you like to go and sweat. With its taupe cotton lining and linen blend handles, it errs on the side of style more than any of the other bags in this gallery. Which is a good thing. 

    Length: 51cm
    Height: 32cm
    Width: 20


  • The 15 Coolest Gym Bags For Under £100 10

    Duffel No.5 by Fjallraven

    Durable, simple, usable - the Arctic fox of Fjallraven has become a common site in urban settings, and for good reason. Much like their backpack range, this duffel manages to be hard-wearing without looking industrial. The underside is reinforced with a material described as "G-1000 HeavyDuty" protecting your kit from getting wet and dirty. It's available in more muted colours than this yellow, but we suggest you go bold. 

    Length: 48cm
    Height: 28cm
    Width: 28cm


  • The 15 Coolest Gym Bags For Under £100 11


    This one's for the Crossfit kids. While it won't guarantee you set a new PB in your next HIIT session, it does have enough room for all your protein fuels and kit. Those diagonal end pouches are just the right shape for your trainers, while the outer webbing lets you attach all manner of things with carabina clips. It also has the most durable carry clips of all the bags included in our roundup. 

    Length: 52cm
    Height: 29cm
    Width: 26cm



  • The 15 Coolest Gym Bags For Under £100 12

    Barrel bag by River Island

    No, this River Island bag is not made of leather. Which is actually a good thing, as real leather can leave a nasty stain when you leave it with wet, sweaty materials. It also means it's a great deal more affordable, leaving you with more money for that inhibitive gym membership. 

    Length: 48cm
    Height: 28cm
    Width: 28cm


  • The 15 Coolest Gym Bags For Under £100 13

    SPORTS HOLDALL by Topman

    Topman hasn't played the sports game for too long, but what little they've released has been impressive. This holdall is indicative of the range: practical and stylish. The roll down allows you to store a wealth of kit, while mesh and faux leather panels break up the canvas build.

    Not stated


  • The 15 Coolest Gym Bags For Under £100 14

    3-Stripes Performance Wheeled Team Bag XL by adidas

    For when size matters - or rather, when you've got too much kit to lug about and your training session just did a number on your back. This vast sack from adidas is a serious piece of kit: made from a durable polyester dobby material, it's got a ventilated shoe compartment and a set of wheels. Because recovery time is important, right? 

    Length: 80cm
    Height: 36cm
    Width: 36cm



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