Stylish Yes Man Watch


We know there are greater struggles in the world, but watches are can be frustrating. For years, we've found ourselves switching between the fourth and fifth holes of a watch strap. Some days the fourth is too lose, others the fifth too tight. What we need is a fourth-and-a-half hole... or a Yes Man watch.

An elegant, minimal face and casement design, on first glance the most striking element of the Yes Man watch is the Martini glass happily occupying the face's 5 o'clock slot. But the unique selling point of the Yes Man isn't it's appeal to the casual (or heavy) drinkers out there - it's all in its strap.

Rather than having a hole and buckle system or a linked clasp, the Yes Man watch strap consists of a buckle and a row of notches on its rear. Slide the leather through the buckle and pull until tight - not unlike a cable tie, making for a near-perfect fit for every owner.

Available on navy-on-white or black-on-black, you can pick up a Yes Man for about £90.