Ralph Lauren's New Safari Chronometer

High-end watch manufacturers are constantly yammering on about ‘adventure this’, ‘adventure that’, faffing about with their products in the most remote and dangerous locations on earth
All very well and good but whatever happened to just telling the time in style? Well it won’t require a team of cameramen flocking to the south pacific and dunking it in gooey lava to know that this latest Ralph Lauren Safari Chronometer is as ruggedly handsome as they come.
Encased in a gunmetal steel case, the sturdy if refined dial (available in khaki or camouflage) sits atop a fine alligator strap which comes in a rich shade of brown for the khaki dial, or saltwater moss green for the camouflage number.
Careful on a safari with the latter option though. Its fresh colour may have people believing you skinned the reptile yourself.
The Ralph Lauren Safari Chronometer will be available at select retailers later this year