Panerai’s Marvellous 1943 Naval-inspired Watch

1943. Historically speaking, this wasn’t a good year to join the navy. In fact, it was probably one of the worst.
Unless of course you were signing up as a deck officer of the Royal Italian Navy, as then any fear of being blown to smithereens in the Mediterranean Sea would have been sweetly offset by the craftsmanship of a Panerai watch, made exclusively for every one of those men.
Well now the Italian/Swiss watchmaker has now taken the few examples left of the original 1943 wristwatch and given it a 21st century overhaul, fusing the classic design with state-of-the-art hardware and movement.
Housed in a hefty 522cm case made from brushed titanium, the The Radiomir Mare Nostrum (‘Our Sea’) boasts an exclusive hand-wound movement featuring a Glucydur balance, and even a special anti-shock device – because, let’s face it, sailing a warship never the smoothest of actions.
Limited to just 150 pieces, the no doubt high prices for a model are available on request.
And if you need to ask whether it’s waterproof, you clearly don’t deserve one.


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