Michael Kors Jetmaster Automatic Watch

By now, the eagle-eyed among you will have spotted a list we recently ran on the top 15 watches you can buy for under £100. Ensure you do so here if you haven't.
Up to speed? Good. Now we’re asking you to dig that little bit deeper. As while Michael Kors' newest timepiece costs double that figure, you won’t find a better bargain to adorn your wrist anywhere. We should know, we've looked.
Typified in class by that under-the-chassis money shot you can see on the translucent dial - those cogs whirring around under the watch hands, the back of the watch also offering owners a glimpse at the engine - the Jetmaster Automatic has the sort of façade which you might expect to come with a price tag only a sultan would be able to afford.
When in actual fact it costs just shy of £250: a small price to pay for such a manly looking piece of craftsmanship, bolstered beautifully by chronograph sub dials with day/date/month, modish sleek stainless steel case and 40-hour power reserve.
As for own reserve, make sure it reaches £245 and you’ll have quite the investment.