G-Shock Launches New Aviator Colourway


The über-rugged G-Shock Aviator has received a brand new colourway - this time (pun intended) with accents of black and orange.

Taken from the G-Shock Premium Range, the Aviator GW-A1000FC-1A4ER is a new model of the high-end timepieces, trusted by pilots globally due to its incredible robustness in the face of all conditions. Its Triple G Resist constructions means that it can withstand the shock of gravitational dropping forces, centrifugal G-forces and extreme vibration, while a temperature sensor, multi-band 6-time calibration adds both an extra source of information and impeccable timekeeping capabilities, even where a time tuning signal cannot be received. A lightweight, but super strong resin bracelet band completes the package.

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