Colette & Nixon's Slick Time Teller


We have no idea why a watch is called a watch. We assume it's got something to do with long-forgotten practices of keeping lookout or attempting to get things to happen at the same time - but no one's ever offered us a more concrete explanation. We can only assume that Colette and Nixon share our quandary, thus giving their new timepiece a far more obvious title: the Time Teller.

The third collaboration between the French retailer and Californian watch maker, this vision of blue, stainless steel and sunray dial is set to be limited to only 99 models. We'd usually attribute such a small run to a high price tag and exclusive aspirations, but the Time Teller will only cost £80 (€100). 

Arriving online and in the Parisian store on 8 November, best book yourself a Eurostar trip or prepare for your own internet lookout.