Bulbul's clean 'Facette' watch collection


"Less is more" is a tired old design mantra. It's wheeled out with the release of every minimalist fashion line, lacking the profound depth it might have once carried on the lips of a visionary moving against a garish tide. It's familiar to the point of banality.

But that doesn't make it any less true. 

Take Bulbul's new Facette watch design. In a year struggling under a the weight of smartwatch releases and clever tracking timepieces, the Copenhagen-based watch designers have stuck to their minimal-guns, creating a watch that's got less to it than the average blank canvas.

The 40mm round face is lined with barely-there markers, sitting under a sapphire crystal display. A sniff of design flair comes in the subtle repositioning of the crown from the three o'clock position to two o'clock, mirroring that of the Bulbul Pebble.

Available in six low-key colour options, the Facette range is available from £213.

And no - safe to say it won't track how many calories you've burnt at your desk. Just the number of hours in the day.


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