25 Best Sunglasses Of The Summer

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Alessia Armenise
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The sun will shine this summer. Somewhere. It might not necessarily be on these shores, but we're reliably informed it puts in a regular appearance in most equatorial, western, eastern, southern European, African... pretty much all the countries you're considering for your holiday.

Which means your eyewear will be in need of a summer upgrade. From aviators to wayfarers, rounded to rectangular, we've collected together the best sunglasses of the season for every budget imaginable. Whether you're wading through a muddy festival or reclining on deck (you lucky tyke), be sure your protecting your ocular health with one of the following.

  • HINDSIGHT VINTAGE Tortoiseshell Wayfarers

    Great value for money and a nice, literally-rose-tinted take on the classes tortoiseshell wayfarer. Dead cheap too. 


  • ASOS Round Sunglasses

    We're quite taken by the design of these rounded ASOS glasses, the brushed copper frames and lightweight profile.


  • Jeepers Peepers

    There's something rather 'Ibiza' about these wide, retro-futurist shades from Jeepers Peepers. The purple lenses will help hide the late night damage while you recover/work on your tan.


  • Aldo Cingal

    Clear frames, clear mind: that’s what they say, isn’t it? Well if they don’t, they should. They blend perfectly with your skin tone (because… they are your skin tone) and so suit everyone. Perfect! 


  • Aviators by John Lewis

    A modern take on the aviator, this metal frame option is perfect for those of us with rectangular faces – or as we prefer to say, “owners of a strong jaw”.


  • Dick Moby BCN

    These are sturdily-made goggles in transluscent green, recycled acetate with ZEISS UV400 lenses (which is good) and the kind of Italian craftsmanship too often overlooked by noobs and rubes.


  • Urban Outfitters Lennon Blue Lens

    These round shades inspired by John Lennon (hence the name) are probably the summeriest on offer right now and at that price? Boy… Unbeatable. 


  • Monokel Robotnik

    These thick, square-ish frames are perfect for those among us with quite big faces, this offering from the Scandi brand Monokel Robotnik are ace for the dishpan-mugs who want high quality, handcrafter frames of premium acetate. 


  • Ray-Ban Clubmaster

    You know what they are. 


  • Clement by Komono

    A subtle offering from Komono, the Clement feature Carl Zeiss lenses – which, even at seventy quid, is worth shouting about.


  • adidas Raylor

    One for the cyclists. While the double-snap nose pads might sound excruciatingly painful, they ensure that your specs don't meet a lens-shattering end by slipping off your nose.


  • Persol PO7359S 58

    One of the oldest eyewear companies in the world, luxury Italian sunglasses dons Persol come through with these lean, mean, gold shades that have plenty of Mediterranean flair.


  • Saint Laurent

    The team at Saint Laurent know what they're doing with this standout pair: perfect for accentuating a strong set of cheekbones.


  • Chris Velvet Edition by Ray-Ban

    We've no idea who Chris is, nor why he has a preference for velvet - but we agree with him all the same. Well done Chris.


  • Cubitts Barbon

    Yellow! Yellow frames! We know. How modern.



  • Han Kjobenhavn

    A timeless shape from Han Kjobenhaven. Slim, stylish and boasting lenses from Carl Zeiss (again!!!).


  • Round Light Ray by Ray-Ban

    Will white frames* make you look a bit like a mad scientist? Maybe. Will they also look cool as heck this summer? Yes. 

    *sorry, we mean “Silver Gradient Flash frames”


  • Ray-Ban 'Gold' Aviator

    Best worn in a convertible, driving down the sunset strip with ‘Danger Zone’ on the stereo – but we're sure you can pull them off in on a pebble peach in Cornwall.


  • Oliver Peoples

    Ollie Peoples, here, giving a classic shape a little touch-up. Timeless cool, syled like Gregory Peck in To Kill A Mockingbird if he was an evil scientist. Possibly the perfect pair.

    Price on request

  • Gucci

    Meticulously crafted from racing green (or ‘Gucci green’, if you will) acetate and accentuated by a lovely little tortoiseshell browbar, these will give you some serious Mayfair clout next time you’re lost trying to find your way back from Selfridges.


  • Garrett Leight

    Oversized masculine frames with brusque lines, blue tint glass, and a subtle 80s feel make these GLs a winner.


  • Oakley

    Perfect for those among you who want to look like a Texan truck-bro or a dad who’s really into snowboarding despite never having left Shenfield. They’re kinda cool in a futuristic kinda way.


  • Persol

    First donned by Steve McQueen in the classic film The Thomas Crown Affair, these cult folding Persol glasses have gone on to become a grail item for style-conscious men of every generation since.


  • 1007 Smoky Quartz by Cutler and Gross

    These D-Frame Acetate glasses by Cutler and Gross almost fashionable enough to warrant wearing them inside. Almost. (Also, “Smoky Quartz” is the coolest name for anything ever. Pretty certain.)


  • Garrett Leight

    Californian label Garrett Leight coming through with the goods ones more with the Wilson, proving that sometimes the less you do with a frame, the better they look.