The slickest sunglasses for Summer 2016

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David Cornish
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It probably happened to you earlier this week.

Stepping outside your front door, you turned and staggered to the kerb, overwhelmed by a blazing sphere of energy on the horizon.

Yep, the sun has finally returned, bringing with it the sudden realisation that we'll be damned if we can recall where we left last year's sunglasses. (No, they're not in the glove box. We've checked. Twice.) 

In order to lend you some sartorial shade, here are the best sunglasses this summer has to offer.

  • Round frame glasses by Pepe Jeans

    Pepe's for your peepers.


  • Round frame acetate by Thom Browne

    Black and blue, by Browne.


  • Cliff aviator-style polarised sunglasses by Tom Ford

    A subtle twist on an iconic shape. Cool as hell. 


  • Clubround sunglasses by Ray-Ban

    All-round brilliant from Ray-Ban.


  • Plain Clubmaster by John Lewis

    Subtle, sleek and surprisingly affordable.


  • Stringer polarised sunglasses by Oakley

    Pair with a pint of something cold and wet.


  • Wayfarers by Boss Orange

    There's a reason the Wayfarer never goes out of fashion - it just works with some many face types. These green numbers from Boss Orange are particularly excellent.


  • Round glasses by Dolce & Gabbana

    A strong look from D&G, best suited to a longer face. Otherwise you'll look daft, okay?


  • Aviator by Ray-Ban

    They've not changed much since 1936, but Ray-Ban is now offering the Aviator with a gradient flash lens. Which is nice.


  • Black and yellow 50's classic sunglasses by Top Man

    The personal favourite of Wiz Khalifa. 


  • Tortoise shell square preppy sunglasses by Top Man

    Festival season sorted.


  • Blakie by Ted Baker

    Also available in black and tortoise shell - but the blue frame gets our vote.


  • Persol 649

    Best worn in the driver's seat of a convertible hot rod, cruising down the Sunset Strip. Or in the back garden, minding the sausages on the disposable barbecue. Basically, they're versatile.

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  • Black glasses by Next

    This summer's main styles seem to be lifted straight out of fifties Hollywood. No, you're not James Dean, but you can pretend


  • EVZero PRIZM Road by Oakley

    Do you run/cycle/move yourself at speeds that require something light that protects you from... well, the light? Best check out Oakley's latest EVZero range.


  • Clubmaster Classic by Ray-Ban

    We don't normally approve of a brand giving their own product 'classic' status, but we're willing to make an exception here.


  • Black retro nose bar mirror round sunglasses by River Island

    For those with alternative tastes.


  • Yellow chunky clubmaster by River Island

    You're going to Ibiza, eh? You'll need these. Them's the rules.


  • Wassup by Maui Jim

    A bloody gorgeous set of wrap glasses from Maui Jim, guaranteed to make you 20 per cent cooler. Because, science.


  • Classic aviator style by H&M

    You don't have to pay a premium to get a classic look. It's also a lot less upsetting when they fall off your head during an epic pedalo joust.


  • Holbrook by Oakley

    A bold statement job from Oakley, these are for the surfer wannabes. 


  • Petrol-coloured sunglasses by Boss Orange

    Got yourself a nice round face? That's not an insult - we're just saying, best try something that helps your lines out, like these rectangular fully rimmed numbers from Boss Orange. You'll look mint. 


  • Fine metal aviators by Prada

    A statement piece from Prada, best pair this with a white shirt and general sense of "You wish you looked this decent, don't you?"


  • Police Myth

    Fancy something with a bit of flare (by which we mean, a bar bracing)? Then check out this new style from Police's new summer collection. It's also available in black if the Havana print is a bit much for you.


  • Crafted Riviera by Komono

    Preference for something bold and brilliant? The angular acetate frames of Komono's Crafted Riviera deserve a spot in your summer wardrobe.