Beautiful Type 1 watch


The watch is a brilliantly simple device to understand: the hands tick about in regular circles, pointing helpfully toward numbers in order to let you know how long you have to wait before your next biscuit.

Not on Ressence's Type 1. This gorgeous timepiece does away with moving hands: spherical discs displaying hours, minutes, seconds and days revolve under the domed sapphire crystal case. Each of the dials sits on a constantly moving face, which means that a) it may take you a little longer to work out what time it is, and b) you'll waste that time looking far more stylish.

The complex workings of the 18 gears and 28 jewels means that the time isn't set by a crown, but by turning the back of the case. Launching this summer in a range of finishes, we've fallen particularly hard for this black model.

(Images: Ressence)


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