Bamford Watch Department's Stunning Custom Rolex


"Prices are available on application." That should give you an indication of the masterful craftsmanship that's gone into Bamford Watch Department's customisation of a classic Rolex.

The original Rolex Milgauss was an understated, sleek timepiece - an iconic lightning bolt second hand bringing some theatre to an otherwise minimal watch face. Drawn to that flash of brilliance, Bamford Watch Department have stripped the Milgauss of its plain face and rectangular minute markers in favour of a Rolex style that first turned heads in the 1950s - a gorgeous three dimensional honeycomb.

The edge of the honeycomb dives away underneath the outer dial, giving the customised Milgauss 'Aftershock' a sense of depth. Matched with the lightning bolt hand, it's supposed to bring to life "a modern depiction of a shock wave". Whatever its aim, it looks stunning. 

Available in orange, red, green and Bamford Aqua Blue (a special blue), the Milgauss Aftershock comes with a blackened steel strap and a raft of potential customisations. It's a limited edition run - best sort out that loan before you give the Bamford chaps a call. 

(Images: Bamford Watch Department)

[Via: Hypebeast]

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