A man’s guide to buying a suit


At least once in every man's life he should find himself wearing a suit that fits him like a suave spymaster of a glove. You may not wear it every single day to work, you may not even wear it once a year but for that one time (or multiple times) that you do feel 'smart', you should at least know how to do it right.

We spoke to ASOS' Design Director John Mooney for his top tips and splashing the cash on something that will not only last but be remembered...

  • A man’s guide to buying a suit

    Don’t be driven by pricepoint

    The more expensive it is doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to feel more comfortable in it. For many guys a suit is quite an alien thing, the last thing you want is for the suit to wear you. Try varying pricepoints, think of the fabric you’re after… and how much of an investment you truly want to make. Is this a 1 wear a year suit or will it be rolled out on multiple occasions?

    ASOS, Skinny suit in navy, £125


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