20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’


You’ve got the job offer/invitation and everything looks great until your eyes fall upon man’s most dreaded dress code; smart casual (or smasual, if you want everyone to hate you). Every item becomes an opportunity to blow it so here are our tips to nailing the two in one look.

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’

    1. Wear a Slim Fit Shirt

    A slim cut shirt is both flattering and smart. Make sure it’s crisp and the sleeves fit properly to save crumpling awkwardly should you choose to wear a jacket. 

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 1

    2. Understated Collars

    Don’t try and make a statement with your collar, a simple Oxford collar sits perfectly between smart and casual and will go well with a slim tie or without.

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 2

    3. Boots Instead Of Shoes

    Ditch the dress shoes to avoid looking like a uni rugby lad on tour. A pair of leather Chelsea boots will go well with almost everything, taking you from day to night. 

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 3

    4. Or Brogues

    Alternatively, a pair of distressed or softer brogues with a thicker sole will do just as well. 

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 4

    5. Invest in A Textured Blazer

    A decent textured blazer, such as wool, is a smart investment in your wardrobe, easily dressed up or down. Opt for a grey or blue to keep up with this seasons trend and match almost everything else.

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 5

    6. Don’t Roll Up Your Sleeves

    In the office, that is. Even if you don’t choose to wear a tie, a well-fitted, well-cuffed shirt will look infinitely smarter than if you roll up your sleeves. Besides which, you want to avoid the boss-trying-to-show-he’s-laid-back look. 

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 6

    7. Get a Document Holder

    Yes backpacks are way more comfortable and harder to leave places, but a leather document holder will pull your look together effortlessly and take you from school boy to boardroom baller.

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 7

    8. Match Your Shoes To Your Belt

    It sounds basic, but you’d be surprised the difference it makes to you ensemble upgrading from casual to smart casual. At least match the colours. 

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 8

    9. Turn Up Your Trousers

    Whatever trousers you’re wearing, flashing your ankles like a hussy is in right now. As we’re coming into Autumn, pair with bright (and clean) socks and roll your trousers up to show off those ankle poppers.

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 9

    10. Wear an Analogue Watch

    Whether you set your Apple Watch to an analogue face or choose a classic watch, it will make your outfit look generally smarter. 

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 10

    11. Invest In A Trench Coat

    Whether you wear this over just a shirt or over your blazer as the temperature drops, a trench coat is a timeless piece that will carry you through the seasons. Make sure it’s a tailored one that cinches in at the waste and is no longer than your knees to avoid that paper bag look. 

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 11

    12. Go for Darker Denim Hues

    If you opt for jeans, avoid rips and any distressed effects and opt for indigo or dark blue.

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 12

    13. Choose Slim Cut Jeans

    Sit somewhere in between straight and skinny with a slim cut that flatters your shape. Raw denim is a good choice as it holds it’s shape for longer and creases less easily. 

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 13

    14. Buy Cords if you aren’t Sure About Denim

    If your office leans towards the smart end of smart casual, go for cords instead of denim. 

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 14

    15. Brave Loose Fit Trousers

    Skinny isn’t the only way anymore. Wide leg trousers have been struuted down the catwalks this season and a well-tailored pair will make you look like your on top of the trends as well as nail the smart casual look.

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 15

    16. A Knitted Tie

    A slim-fit, textured knitted tie is the perfect neck piece to marry both smart and casual.

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 16

    17. Go For Subtle Snazz

    We’re all for expressing yourself, whether it’s with a bold pocket square or coloured buttons, but keeping it subtle will keep you safe from missing the mark on the dress code.


  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 17

    18. Opt For A Crease Free And Classic T-shirt

    If Fridays are more casual than the smart casual days of the rest of the week, it’s fine to team your look with a t-shirt, providing you avoid V-necks and the spray on look. Keep it clean with a crew neck. 

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 18

    19. Keep It Simple

    Keep your colours basic and fresh and your threads will surpass the dress code effortlessly. 

  • 20 Ways To Dress ‘Smart Casual’ 19

    20. Make Sure Everything Fits

    As a general point, smart casual works best when everything fits properly, which is hardly surprising. Make sure your clothes sit at your shoulders properly, that your sleeves are the right length and your trousers don’t hang in the wrong places.

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