The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls

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Forget Spiderman, Superman or Batman, all we really wanted to be as kids was Action Man. Fearless, intrepid and plucky, we lived vicariously through our miniature soldiers, policemen and polar explorers as they fought off natural disasters, evil enemies and villainous opponents to emerge victorious.

Yet perhaps most admirable is how stylish Action Men really are, always maintaining an edge and elegance despite the trials they face. Here are 20 of the most fashionable examples...

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls

    The Air Surfer

    If you once jumped from a plane on your gap yah, you probably imagined that you looked just like this Action Man with his intense glare, parachute and air board. We're sorry to tell you that no skydiver in real life could ever look this good.

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 1

    The Operation SOS

    Finally, an Action Man wearing something you could actually pull off in real life: the white helmet, red goggles and durable ski suit would look great on your next jaunt to the Alps. The gun might not go down so well, though.

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 2

    The Space Man Explorer

    Who needs a shiny spacesuit and over-the-top accessories when going to the moon? Action Man looks his best when dressed down for space exploring - especially in this Clockwork Orange-esque get-up and bright yellow boots. 

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 3

    The Racing Driver

    Long before Lewis Hamilton was a household name, every man on earth dreamed of being a race car driver. And who could make it look as stylish as Action Man in his racing overalls, racing helmet with visor and thick, no-nonsense boots? No one, that's who.

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 4

    The Police Motorcycle Rider

    While we save up for a real-life motorbike, we can dress like Action Man in the meantime, in his effortless all-black get-up and sturdy boots. Car chases not included.

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 5

    The Skier

    Complete with retro leather boots, this patroller also sports a camouflage pack, belt with pouches, snow shoes, M1 rifle and helmet - because you can never carry too much on your back when an avalanche comes calling.

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 6

    The underwater explorer

    Do you love scuba diving? So does this Action Man - he's even got the air cylinder, underwater camera and knife and scabbard to prove it.

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 7

    Tom Stone

    This is Action Man as we know him best: in army gear, with a camouflage suit, black boots and Heckler and Koch SMG.

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 8

    The Policeman

    With his sharp gilet, combat boots and terrifying dog, this is one Action Man you definitely wouldn't want to mess with.

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 9

    The Cricketer

    There's something about cricket whites which will never go out of style - especially when expertly modelled by this nonchalant-looking Action Man.

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 10

    The Aqua Blaster

    If you find the thought of pistols and machine guns slightly intimidating, you can still do some damage with Action Man's giant water gun - AKA aqua blaster - which he's made sure match his orange shorts. What a stickler for detail, that Action Man.

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 11

    The Mountaineer

    Any kid who had always dreamed of climbing Everest wanted the Mountaineer in their collection, even though its ice hammer, crampons, and radio transmitter weren't quite life-sized. 

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 12

    The Olympic Champion

    Which little boy (or, let's be honest, grown man) hasn't fantasised that if they only went jogging a few times, they'd find out they were as fast as Usain Bolt? This bored-looking Action Man proves that being an Olympic champion isn't just about the medals: it's also about the sleek Adidas running shoes, oversized tracksuit top, and of course, your very own javelin.

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 13

    The Villain

    What fun would any film, book or TV show be without a villain? Dr X provides the perfect evil counterpart to goody-two-shoes Action Man - and with his sleek goatee, bionic arm and rubbery outfit, we can only imagine how scary he'd be in real life. (Anyone else think he looks slightly like Ben Kingsley?)

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 14

    The Kung Fu Fighter

    Sometimes the most simple things in life are the best. This Action Man proves all you need is a samurai sword, white jacket and trousers and a black belt (of course) to really make a statement. 

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 15

    The Arctic Explorer

    He may have a gnarling dog, high-tech sled and high-vis goggles, but all we're looking at is this Action Man's Canada Goose-esque jacket. We want one now. 

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 16

    The Footballer

    Guns, ammo and military uniforms aren't for everyone. There is a certain fashionable charm about a head-to-toe football kit, especially this retro Chelsea one. You'd never catch today's bunch in a poloneck and sensible shoes, which we think is a crying shame. 

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 17

    The Tank Commander

    So elegant. The vintage leather jacket, binoculars with strap and black beret are all so much cooler than anything an army man would wear nowadays. 

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 18

    The British Major

    This is the outfit every action-hungry kid dreams of wearing one day - head-to-toe khaki, a peaked cap, and last but certainly not least, a handy map rolled up into one hand.

  • The 20 most stylish Action Man dolls 19

    The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

    Never has a kilt looked better than on this Action Man and his Scottish regimental uniform, complete with sporran, hose, glengarry, spats, bayonet and scabbard, black boots, SLR rifle and belt. Phew.

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