20 men that prove double denim is OK

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Deborah Cicurel
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Double denim isn't just for the likes of Justin and Britney circa 2001. Contrary to popular belief, jeans and jeans really can be a perfect alternative to jeans and T-shirts, jeans and shirts, jeans and jumpers... you get the drift.

Just take a leaf out of the books of these 20 stars, who prove with their effortless denim combos that the look is here to stay.

  • Kit Harington

    Now he's not got such a busy filming schedule, Kit has the time to put together some awesome outfits - like these faded grey jeans and denim shirt. Note how he also matched his bag and shoes. Classic and elegant. 

  • James Bay

    The Hold Back The River singer paired his denim jacket and jeans with a large hat and sunglasses. Nothing like trying to go incognito when you're on a red (or blue) carpet.

  • Colin Farrell

    At a photocall for True Detective, Colin Farrell opted for contrasting denims, with a light, half tucked-in shirt, and dark jeans - accompanied, of course, with a scowl. 

  • Lenny Kravitz

    King of cool Lenny wears his double denims as only he can - ripped, unbuttoned and clashing. A look only he can pull off - not that we haven't tried (with disastrous effect).

  • Alexander Skarsgard

    True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard uses his love of denim to wrap up warm, pairing a cosy-looking jacket with dark jeans and boots.

  • Adrian Grenier

    Starring in Entourage obviously gave Adrian plenty of know-how in the style department, as this shirt and jeans - oh-so-casually rolled up at the bottom - combo looks effortlessly cool.

  • Shamir Bailey

    Who says double denim always has to be blue? Musician Shamir proves that an oversized grey jacket and faded grey jeans can work together just as well.

  • Tinie Tempah

    He always looks impossibly well-dressed, so if Tinie thinks double denim is OK, we're totally on board. His combination of a soft grey jacket, faded jeans and green trainers shouldn't work, but as usual, it does.

  • Pharrell

    In grubby old jeans, a feathery (we think?) jacket and a hat - of course - Pharrell blends two almost identical denim shades together, and it looks effortless.

  • David Gandy

    Keeping it simple in the time-honoured classic of a light denim shirt and distressed jeans, David Gandy proves you don't need bundles of accessories to make the look work. 

  • Ricky Wilson

    Double denim can even be good enough for the stage, as expertly displayed by Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs in a crumpled denim jacket and tight trousers. 

  • Ed Sheeran

    Never one to try too hard with his outfits, Ed shows that you can throw on a rolled-up denim shirt and some trusty jeans and immediately have a trend on your hands. 

  • Chris Eubank

    This brave look certainly isn't for everyone, but if anyone can wear a denim jacket, Louis Vuitton pouch and shiny boots with this much confidence, it's Chris Eubank. 

  • David Beckham

    DB, the master of all style, who will tell us exactly what's OK and what's not (even if he did make some atrocious fashion decisions at the beginning of his career), thinks doubling up on jeans is just fine, as proved by his white denim and casual shirt ensemble.

  • Joe Jonas

    Baseball cap, All Stars and contrasting jeans and jacket: Joe Jonas is from the All-American school of double denim.

  • Benedict Cumberbatch

    He hates being papped, but lucky for us, Benedict was pictured wearing this casual ensemble of black jeans and a royal blue denim jacket, which he threw on under another jacket - it must have been a cold London evening. Proof that you don't need a denim hat, denim boxers and denim socks for the trend to work - even little accents can bring the whole outfit together.

  • Ringo Starr

    Any Beatle could wear a Spongebob Squarepants outfit and they'd still look cool. Luckily for Ringo, he looks cool by anyone's standards in this matching dark denim combo, paired with awesome cartoon slip-ons and his trademark sunglasses.

  • Noel Gallagher

    Noel Gallagher gets the idea. You can tell he spent approximately four seconds putting this outfit together, yet somehow - or perhaps because of that - it still looks achingly cool.

  • Tom Felton

    In smart dark jeans and a faded denim jacket, Tom goes for a laid back look on the red carpet.

  • Robbie Williams

    Robbie Williams has the upper hand when it comes to accessorising his double denim combo - a fur collar, leather brogues and his iPhone to pap the paparazzi with.

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