20 great winter jackets that won’t completely destroy your bank balance

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Deborah Cicurel
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The 'fun' bit of winter is past - now we've just got an empty bank balance and months of cold drizzle again.

Rather than plumping for last year's misshapen black coat with cat hair all over it, why not purchase a new winter jacket to stand out from the cold crowds in style this winter?

Here are some of our favourites - and best of all, they're a steal at under £100. 

  • HYMN Marlon Coat

    Waterproof and eye-catching, this bright blue coat will keep you dry - and keep you in the limelight.


  • Pull&Bear Padded Jacket With Zip Details in Black

    There's nothing wrong with a bit of shine, especially if it's as good-looking as this futuristic cover-up.


  • Classic Thermo Parka

    Hard-wearing, durable and so snuggly it's like wearing a blanket, this eskimo jacket will never let you down.


  • ASOS Quilted Jacket With Duffle Fastening In Navy

    Duffle coats have come a long way since Paddington Bear's little navy classic - as you can see from this cool two-tone jacket with a faux fur trim hood.


  • Solid Elrond Fur Lined Coat

    The on-trend burnt orange shade will stick out amongst all those boring navy jackets on the tube - plus, the faux fur hood and thick lining will keep you warm, and the adjustable elasticated waist will keep you from looking swamped.


  • Atoll 3-in-1 Parka

    This versatile parka can be worn three ways: the outer parka, the inner down jacket – or both together for ultimate warmth and protection. With pockets everywhere, both inside and out, and a detachable hood, it's super-handy and will stand up against whatever winter throws at it.


  • Windproof Faux Mouton Fleece Coat

    The cosy inner fleece and windproof exterior on this grown-up coat will make it your go-to cover-up this winter. 


  • Scaly Active Insulated Jacket

    Don't mind the occasional bit of rain on your hair and get too stuffy in a giant winter coat? Then this lightweight but hardworking jacket is just for you - and with the subtle pop of colour, it's fun without being too over-the-top.


  • Threadbare Elf Taslon Parka

    Faux-fur lined, snuggly and with plenty of pockets to keep all your stuff in, this wintery jacket is cosy and functional - and also comes in a navy blue in case you just can't make up your mind.


  • Turbokolor Mens' Freitag Jacket in Ocean Blue

    Bright, totally rain-proof and a welcome change from that boring black coat you always end up slinking back to, this over-the-head jacket will ensure you're always totally protected against the wintery weather.


  • The New County Teddy Bear Bomber Jacket In Faux Fur

    We wouldn't recommend this hoodless jacket for waiting for the bus in the pouring rain, but it's a surefire way to jazz up a dull wintery outfit. 


  • Criminal Damage Ma1 padded bomber jacket

    This quirky padded bomber jacket not only protects you against the elements, but also works as a style statement in itself.


  • AEO Sherpa Fleece Jacket

    This sherpa fleece is certainly unique - and as long as you don't mind people stroking your sleeve and telling you how soft it is all day long, you'll never want to take it off.


  • Volcom Hernan Coat

    The sporty man will love this durable hooded jacket: equally stylish on a cold windy night at the football, or thrown over jeans and a shirt. 


  • Black Shearling Coat

    Shearling is everywhere this winter, so choose this asymmetric black option. It's current, but will also mark you out from the crowds.


  • New Look Parka in Navy

    Only for the most blustery of wintery days, this long waterproof jacket will stand you in good stead, even on a long-awaited snow day.


  • Ted Baker Warmy Quilted Down Gilet

    No matter how freezing it is outside, some men just can't stand the stuffiness of a winter jacket. This gilet is a good compromise - padded enough to keep you from catching a cold, but leaving your sleeves free to avoid you drowning in the dreaded tube sweats. 


  • New Look Wool Salt & Pepper Overcoat

    A sophisticated take on the insipid business coat, this wool-mix jacket would look great both in the office and on a dressy night out.


  • Woodster Waterproof Jacket

    If you're a true ski or snowboard bum, you won't see a problem with wearing your most sporty jacket on the tube - and this waterproof and windproof offering will keep you warm, dry and cool. Plus, when you buy it, you even get a free beanie.


  • Lemaire Wool Blended Duffle Coat

    Perfect to throw on over your work suit, this elegant coat with huge pockets and an oversized hood will add a bit of pizzazz to a conventional commuter look.


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Deborah Cicurel

Deborah Cicurel

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