The Ultimate Star Trek Into Darkness Quiz


Space. The final frontier. Unless you open up a worm hole and enter a new dimension, in which case there are a whole heap of new frontiers.

Star Trek Into Darkness, the second instalment of J.J. Abram's Star Trek universe, was a spectacular blend of action and suspense, reintroducing the brilliantly vengeful Khan to a new generation of Star Trek fans. A script bulging with icy one liners and camp monologues, a blisteringly talented cast and a galaxy of special effects made Into Darkness the stand-out sci-fi of 2013.

But how well do you know the depths of Into Darkness? Do you know your Dreadnoughts from your Ambassadors? Do you know the Prime Directive like the back of your hand? Test your knowledge in our fiendishly difficult Star Trek Into Darkness quiz...

Star Trek Into Darkness is out on DVD and Blu-ray now

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