Can you tell the real Brexiter from the Twitter parody?

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Can you tell the real Brexiter from the Twitter parody? 3

Twitter has a long and glorious relationship with parody accounts - who can ever forget the glory of notBigSam and Galactic Keegan - as well as all manner of ridiculous 24-hour wonder nonsense (Ronaldo’s Moth anyone?) - but the latest phenomenon to hit the social media site is parody Brexit accounts.

They’ll have a user name usually involving a none-more-British name like Barry, be based somewhere Brexity like Fleetwood, there’ll be references to ‘Brexit means Brexit’, some anti-Muslim stuff and, of course, the age-old mantra ‘you lost, get over it’.

For the most part, they’ll tweet stuff that’s on the edge of believability, before finally going viral when someone notices something especially stupid they’ve taken a punt on, and people pile in to laugh at them.

Can you tell the real Brexiter from the Twitter parody?

We’re not sure why people run these accounts - probably simply to go viral, or maybe to discredit real Brexiters by making them look stupid - but some of them are so convincing it’s hard to tell whether they’re real or fake.

So can you spot the true Brexiter from the exaggerated parody? Take our quiz and find out.     

Warning: some offensive language ahead


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