Can you match these animated characters with the actor who voiced them?

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Matt Tate

If I was a Hollywood actor (still holding out) then I’d like to be the kind of Hollywood actor who gets a lot of voice work in animated movies or TV shows. 

For one, it would be confirmation that my voice is either distinctive or funny – both better than forgettable and boring. But I also reckon actors really enjoy being able to rock up in trackies and a zip hoodie, free to bash out their lines until they get them right. No year-long physical transformations, grueling diets or making people believe you’re actually crying. It’s just you and a script. Fantasy actor me likes the sound of that.

Anyway, the aim of this quiz is to see just how well animation aficionados (you, ideally) know the voices behind the characters. Get more than 16 right and you can consider yourself a certified champion of toon trivia. I know you want this title. 


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Matt Tate

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