Groomed to manly perfection


First impressions count, there’s no point pretending they don’t. Stumbling around looking like an electrocuted bear doesn’t work outside of Glastonbury’s Stone Circle. Making the best of what you’ve got is human nature, and that's not vanity, it's self respect.

That's why grooming should be an integral part of your daily indulgence of Man Time. We have selected a few of our top products to give you a helping hand to be you, but with the look you want.

Just For Men Autostop

If you don’t have silver fox credentials, this technologically advanced, fool-proof ‘comb-in, shampoo-out’ hair colour is for you. Only the greys take on the colour for a totally natural look.

RSP £8.49

Victorian Mach 3 Razor

This swanky razor, which boasts imitation ivory, has been crafted to ensure perfect balance for an actually enjoyable shaving experience.

RSP £49.95

Malin+Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturiser

Turn Man Time into a secret self-pampering session with this soothing lotion which provides pH balance for all skin types.

RSP £36

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