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World's Largest Deckchair?

We've not been this excited since we discovered Mr Whippy

World's Largest Deckchair?

Picture the scene: It's the middle of summer in the UK and you're spending the day on the beach. You've set up your wind-breakers and you've already got a solid game of Frisbee on the go. Suddenly, disaster strikes. It's raining. And with nowhere to shelter you concede defeat and go home.

Step in sculptor Stuart Murdoch, who has found a possible solution to our meteorological problems by creating a huge deckchair. Weighing almost six tonnes and measuring eight and a half metres tall, the chair, which is located on Bournemouth beach, is expected to be confirmed as the world's largest.

Now, when it does rain (and we're on Bournemouth beach) we know where we'll be hiding. Thanks Stu.

(Images: PA)