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World's fastest drummer hits 20 beats per second

Drum roll please...

World's fastest drummer hits 20 beats per second

Ever spent a soul-sapping meeting working on your pen drumming skills? We had some pretty nifty beats going, until we noticed the lake of ink we'd accumulated on our shirt.

Tom Grosset is a vastly more talented drummer than us. The Canadian has just set a new record at the Extreme Sport Drumming event of Nashville, Tennessee for the most beats in 60 seconds - a staggering 1,208 strokes. That's over 20 a second, resulting in the dullest drum solo ever. At least it over was quickly.

Tom managed to beat the previous record of Dream Theatre drummer Mike Mangini, who managed 1,203 strokes in 2005. Unfortunately for Tom, he's destined to spend his days drumming alone, given a lack of any other musicians who can keep up.