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VIDEO: Pingu Does The Thingu

Does exactly what it says on the tin

VIDEO: Pingu Does The Thingu

Twelve clay penguins are trapped in a blizzard in the most isolated part of the clay world. One of them is not a clay penguin. And one of them is the titular star of stop-motion clay animation series, Pingu.

That’s right, John Carpenter’s quintessential sci fi horror flick, The Thing has been given a claymation makeover.

The work of the devilishly talented and inventive mind of Lee Hardcastle, we reckon it could be even scarier than Carpenter’s original. Ok, not really, but show it to your three-year-old nephew and they might come down with the screaming abdabs.

And of course we are joking about showing it to minors. That would just be foolish and irresponsible. Grow up, man.

(Image: YouTube)


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