Toronto just seriously failed at making a map of this bus station


In life you’re going to struggle to make it through the daily grind without being constantly bombarded with weird phallic symbols.

It’s like we’re obsessed with them. Look at your phone right now. Phallic. Look at your fingers – boney thin penises.

Basically what we’re saying is that male genitalia is hidden anywhere so you can forgive people for sometimes accidentally drawing them in maps or trapped within other imagery. It happens.

That said, there’s absolutely no way whatsoever that the below map was created without someone deliberately making it look like a giant schlong.

click image to reveal


That’s one brave designer.

According to CBC the map was erm, (well) hung in the station on Monday before promptly ending up on Reddit because, well, that’s what the internet is for.

This then prompted the erm… newly erected sign to be removed with the following statement from Toronto Transit Commission.

“It led some to believe it looked like a very phallic-looking symbol and we don’t want any of our maps to be misconstrued, so we’re in the midst of replacing it.”

So there you go.

[Via: i100]