This basketball mascot just had a painful mid-game incident


Nothing but nuts.

For the briefest of milliseconds during Atlanta Hawks’ NBA play-off win over the Boston Celtics last night, home mascot Harry the Hawk will have been wishing he was actually capable of flight when an impromptu acrobatics stunt went painfully awry.

Midway through the third quarter, keen-eyed TV viewers spotted Harry using a wall-cum-handrail as a balancing beam, delicately mingling his way through the first few rows of the crowd in a bid to whip up the atmosphere.

However, when faced with a gap Harry believed he could simply jump over and land on the adjacent wall, he was soon to find out otherwise, missing his landing, seeing both feet go either side of the wall and landing smack-bang on his crotch.

His reaction to the slip wasn’t comic timing - it was that of a man who’s just had a massive jolt of pain to the nether regions while hundreds of fans collectively wince behind him.

We're not saying basketball is a bastion of high culture but some audience members also got to see The Nutcracker last night.