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This Brexit fact is going to redefine the word ‘irony’

Move aside Alanis

This Brexit fact is going to redefine the word ‘irony’

As the political manoeuvring, the backstabbing, the arguments and the bitterness over Brexit continue, we all need something to bring us together in fractious times.

If anger at over-paid England footballer's failure at Euro 2016 - and delight at plucky Wales and Iceland's successes - wasn't enough to draw us back to a common ground, we can surely all agree that this expected result of Brexit is the most laughably ironic thing to emerge from the entire affair:

Yes, that's right. In order to free us from immigrants coming over and doing our jobs, we're going to have to, er, ask immigrants to come over here and do our jobs.

Alanis, get back in the studio, you might want to add another verse to your classic track...