These prankster DJs just messed with a crowd in the best way possible


Best. Trolling. Ever.

Pranksters/disk jockeys Mashd N Kutcher have just performed their biggest feat of club land mischief yet, dropping an unlikely bomb upon a throng of unsuspecting partygoers in Brisbane, Australia.

Whipping an army of revellers into a feverish frenzy with some progressively hard beats at The Met, the pair built the dance track all the way to the drop, stretching the tension to breaking point and leaving the crowd desperate for that sweet, sweet bass drop. And then this happened:

They played Vanessa Carlton's mawkish 2001 piano pop song A Thousand Miles. Cue a hundred bemused faces, some audible boos, hands thrown up in disbelief, and naturally a few people only pretending to like dance music only too glad to hear a catchy chorus they can actually sing along to.

A mixed bag of emotions really, but mostly anger and bewilderment. Frankly, we'd have travelled a thousand miles just to see this comedy unfold.

It's not the first time the pair have messed with an audience, either. First gaining attention for unleashing some impromptu Spandau Ballet on a crowd, they've also found time mid gig to film themselves playing retro video games.

Still, it could have been worse for their latest victims: they could have been watching Lonely Island DJ and been horribly decapitated by a bass drop.