The Difference Between Where Locals And Tourists Take Photographs

Hardened Japanese holidaymakers walking in near military procession and wielding cameras the size of rockets aside, nobody wants to look like a tourist.
You get fleeced by taxi drivers, pestered by restaurateurs, and, if the data collated below is anything to go by, you might not even be getting the best pictures either…
Tourists are red, locals are blue (there’s a poetic verse in there somewhere) and the yellow spots are undeterminable flashes which could be by a local or a tourist. From Venice to Vegas, the data has been collected via information from Twitter and other social networks to pattern human behavior and flag up popular ground you might have even trampled on yourself.
Now all Fischer needs to do is calculate how many respective Facebook ‘likes’ the snaps received and we’ll really be impressed.

San Francisco





New York City


Images: Erich Fischer; Creative Commons Flickr