Starbucks is changing its stores, but not for the better


What's the best part of the entire Starbucks experience? It's definitely not the coffee. Nor is it the giant chocolate coin which you inevitably eye up but never buy at the counter. It's getting your name - spelled entirely, disastrously wrongly - written on the side of a cup.

Well now Starbucks want to take that away from us, as they've launched a new concept store in the UK where the coffee comes twice as fast but the names don't come at all. 

The new Express store in Canary Wharf has no seating and only serves 85 per cent of the normal menu so everything is sped up. 

You order via a digital menu on a touch screen, meaning no need for frantic scrawls on the side of paper cups. Amazingly, you can also order before you enter the store using Mobile Order & Paytechnology, so your drink will be ready for you to collect when you toddle past. 

And sure, it's amazing: but at what cost? How will we survive without a daily cry-laugh emoji-laden Instagram post about a barista spelling Jess 'Gess'? How will we go on?