Some people think Brexit means all Nando's are closing down

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Amelia Tait

Half a roast chicken, medium, macho peas, and peri-peri-perishing, perishing and dying in a world without Nando's. 

This is Britain's future, at least if you're one of the substantial numbers of people who fell for a spoof article about the chicken chain closing down after Brexit. This is despite the fact that said-spoof featured the line: "If the British people vote out then every individual chicken we import will have to have its own passport and a visa. It simply cannot be done."

Far be it from us to laugh at anyone*, but these distraught tweets offer a little humour amid today's monumental news about Brexit, David Cameron's resignation, and the plummeting of the pound.

*But you can laugh. A lot. 

This guy really has a grasp on global history

This girl knows why our grandparents fought in WW2

In all fairness, this would be a monumental waste

Cutting into some brain-enhancing Omega 3 fishes, we hope

Thanks, Kennedy. You're a real hero


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