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Rick Perry Surpasses Rebecca Black On YouTube Dislikes

40% disapprove this message

Rick Perry Surpasses Rebecca Black On YouTube Dislikes

Presidential wannabe Rick Perry's anti-gay ad, entitled "Strong," has annoyed more people than Rebecca Black's nightmarish single 'Friday'.

In terms of YouTube dislikes Perry's video has almost 390,000, while Black's has 253,000. Added to that is the fact that over 10 million people have viewed "Friday," with only 750,000 taking in Perry's monstrosity. That means 40 percent of viewers have down voted the governor of Texas, a post he received when George W Bush stepped down to become president. Some 9,000 have seen fit to up vote Perry, that's just over 1 percent of people who have viewed it.

You can see Perry's advert below, followed by Rebecca Black's pitch for worst footage put to YouTube...

Via HuffPo