NASA mashup missions


If we asked you what the 'Challenger' was, you might give us one of two answers.

Those of a pistons-and-petrol disposition might reply that it's a classic American muscle car, specialising in one mile drag races. Astronomic appreciators might respond that it was the ill-fated space shuttle that broke apart after take-off in 1986.

This double meaning led artist Doug Pedersen to embark on a NASA mashup mission, resulting in some wonderful pun play. Head to the gallery below for some alternative blue prints for the Enterprise, Viking Probe and Atlantis NASA missions. You can find more of Pedersen's artwork on his site.

(Images: Used with permission of Doug Pedersen)

  • NASA mashup missions


  • NASA mashup missions 1


  • NASA mashup missions 2


  • NASA mashup missions 3

    Viking Probe

  • NASA mashup missions 4

    Liberty Bell 7

  • NASA mashup missions 5

    Pioneer 10


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