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Must-see retro celeb reunion

Nostalgia overload in must-see vid

Must-see retro celeb reunion

Sometimes the universe throws a total curve-ball in our direction. Whether it's Ann Widdecombe in a selection of ball-gowns or the Russia 2018 bid, we're often left speechless by unexplainable events.

This ad, for a Norwegian TV show, is likely to produce a similar sensation. A random selection of 80s and 90s celebrities find themselves on a green-screened beach, lip-syncing the 1987 Ferry Aid version of Let It Be for a terrifying six minutes.

The befuddling selection of celebs, including Steve Guttenberg, Boyzone, John Nettles, Roger Moore, Rednex, Paul McKenna, Ricki Lake and Dolph Lungdren, leave us feeling confused, upset, amused and depressed all at the same time.

A close contender for weirdest video of the year, it demands a watch.