Modern Musicians In Vintage Ads


We can't be alone in getting befuddled by the modern merchandise table. Squeezed into the back of a gig venue are shoes, designer clothing labels, headphones - the odd CD hidden under the artist's latest perfume.

The brand power of modern music is the focus of Parisian artist David Redon's series Ads Libitum.

A blend of contemporary American stars with vintage propaganda and advertising posters, Redon's work pokes at commercial drive of modern music: Kanye West is spliced into J. Howard Miller's "We can do it", while Andre 3000 stars in J M Flagg's "Uncle Sam" poster.

Head to Redon's Tumblr page to see his full series, or pick up a print on his Behance page.

(Images: David Redon)

(Via: Design Taxi)


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