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Mind-blowing doodles

The art of wasting time

Mind-blowing doodles

Infographics are dead. Long live the doodle format.

These incredible time killers are the handiwork of Chris Blasz's In Doodle Format, a monochrome Tumblr account of epic proportions.

Topics of pop culture to have been painstakingly redrawn in pen and ink include the character paths of Lord of the Rings and Inception and an ink draining-rendition of The Legend of Zelda. Click the gallery to enlarge:

(Images: In Doodle Format)

In Doodle Format: Inception

In Doodle Format: The Lord of the Rings

In Doodle Format: Alice in Wonderland

In Doodle Format: Doctor Who

In Doodle Format: Vlogbrothers

In Doodle Format: The Legend of Zelda

In Doodle Format: Hunger Games