Mesmerising Mechanical GIFs


There are few things in life more awe-inspiring than watching a giant old steam-powered machine at work. Environmentally-unfriendly, inefficient and noisy - yes to all three - but the sheer beauty of all those cogs and pistons whirring away is hard to describe.

Canadian graphic designer, illustrator and 3D artist Gareth Fowler clearly understands this, having created this set of mesmerising GIFs of beautiful virtual machines.

The man himself isn't quite sure how they actually work - he advises you to "seek out a mechnical engineering student/graduate, buy them beer, and have them explain stuff to you" - but that doesn't matter, you can simply watch them loop endlessly and contemplate the never-ending circle of life. Or something like that.

You can check out more of Fowler's work at his Tumblr or website.

(Images: Gareth Fowler)