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Marvellous Mathematician posters

Marvellous Mathematician posters

Marvellous Mathematician posters

When we learnt that the square of a triangle's hypotenuse was equal to the sum of the squares of its other two sides, we weren't all that fussed. It wasn't going to help us become West Brom's next striker, was it?

Our respect for Pythagoras' theorem grew significantly once we gave up on our footballing dreams (dodgy ankles), and came across this mathematician poster series by Hydrogene Portfolio.

Five great mathematicians and their contributions to the field of mathematics have been reduced to beautifully stark designs. We're still not sure we really understand the intricacies of Newton's infinitesimal calculus, but we'd happily have it increase the intellect of our hall way.

(Images: Hydrogen Portfolio)

(Via: Geek Art Gallery)