You can get a free holiday to New Zealand and all you have to do is go to a job interview

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Are you a big nerd who likes computers and stuff? Are you a big nerd who likes New Zealand and stuff? If yes, then we have the perfect job interview for you. Basically, the actual country of New Zealandis inviting candidates over to their gaff for a series of potential tech jobs, all for free.

It’s all part of a programme called Looksee Wellington, which is a sponsored_longform between the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency and recruitment marketing business Workhere New Zealand. They’re essentially going to pick 100 extremely jammy candidates and fly them over to Wellington, paying for flights and accommodation, which, you know, is quite a lot of money. You don’t just nip off to New Zealand for a long weekend for “banter, innit”, do you?

While out there, in between eating colonial goose and puking in nightclubs, you’ll have to attend job interviews at leading tech companies as well as do a bit of that “networking” stuff at meet-ups around the city. Small price to pay for a free holiday, and besides, you might end up with a job at the end of it. You don’t even need to take it – maybe you’re not interested because you’re already making shit loads out of computers.

Looks alright, this New Zealand place

However, if you are interested, you’ve got until March 20 to submit your application, and if you’re successful you’ll be jetting off in early May. But if you want a job, don’t bang on about how much you love Vegemite – it’s from Australia, not New Zealand, they’ve got a real chip on their shoulder about that.

Apply here if you’re interested in free holidays. Oh and tech jobs or something.

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